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Assisting schools to improve KS4 results through individual coaching, workshops & motivational speaking.
Olive Pellington
No matter how well your school is doing compared to others in your region, there is constant pressure to do more and be better than last year. With her extensive experience in the world of education Olive will work with you  to ensure this can be achieved by working one to one with your core students. 

Email today to see how Olive can make a positive impact on your students and improve results in your school!
Achievement is the amalgamation of many factors including attitude to learning, being present in the moment and pursuing aspirations. Working on these areas gives students a new vision for the future.
Maximising achievement
Being present contributes to effectiveness of learning. That stretches beyond being registered at school. By working on being present, focused and engaged in lessons will ensure improvement.
Improving attendance
We know that improvements big or small can give students all the encouragement they need. Working on celebrating their wins and evaluating learning points will move them forward.
Raising attainment
A positive attitude towards learning can make all the difference. Working on building confidence and self esteem will contribute to a more enthusiastic and eager student.
Building positive attitude
By working with the students you have identified as key players, Olive puts her BRIM system into play. This mechanism is used to cultivate the organic growth of; -building positive attitudes, -raising attainment, -improving attendance and -maximising achievement.
Olive is able to deliver! She works extremely well with our staff and students. Always allowing us to evaluate our sessions and the positive impact they have on our goals. Would definitely recommend her services to other schools
Helen Everitt
Deputy Headteacher
Olive worked well with us as a school prior to and after the event. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and engaging content hooked us from the beginning ensuring we got the most out of the session. Highly recommended
In this series of books entitled The Path To… you will finally begin to understand who you are as a lifelong learner.

The series allows you to harness the power of SLEEP and by SLEEP we mean; creating your own Success journey by expanding your Learning experience with the Enthusiasm and Energy needed to fulfil your Purpose. 
New series
The Path To...
When Einstein said ;
"Imagination is more important than knowledge" 
he was referring to the fact that knowledge remains dormant if we cannot use imagination to bring that knowledge to life. 

 Each of these books gives you the key to open your imagination to the different aspects of you the student.